Staple Inn

One of the few Tudor buildings that survived the Great Fire of London of 1666 is Staple Inn on High Holborn. Built in 1545, Staple was one of the nine Inns of Chancery, each of which provided approximately 100 students with accommodation and training in law. The building changed a little during the 19th century and plasterboards were put on the facade to cover the beautiful black and white half timbered structure. The Victorians were ashamed of having medieval buildings still in use in London – this was during the expansion of the Empire and they wanted to project London as a new modern city. Below is an image of Staple Inn in 1886:

Staple Inns buildings currently hold the offices of The Institute of Actuaries. They were used as an illustration on tins and pouches of ‘Old Holborn’ tobacco…

…and also on my latest vessel:

NOTE: The photograph of Staple Inn is from wikipedia, as is the one of the 1886 illustration. I found the image of the tobacco tin here.