Trampoline Hall

Mondays are usually very nondescript, first day of the working week (ergh), and still a full 4 days to go until the weekend. However, once a month, on the first Monday of each month to be precise, Mondays are AWESOME. Why? Because it’s Trampoline Hall night!

Trampoline Hall Lectures take place at the Garrison. The night comprises three lectures: the rule is the lectures can be on anything as long as the speakers are not professionals on the subject. After each lecture there’s a Q&A and the whole event is hosted by Misha Glouberman, who is just downright brilliant. Elizabeth Barret-Browning, How To Be An Arsehole, Artistic Temperament or Forgetting Important Things are just a few of the random lectures I’ve attended.

Each lecture series is curated by a different person who, not only chooses the 3 lectures for the night, but is also responsible for the design of Trampoline Hall’s homepage and the tickets. Below is just a selection of how different they can be. Next series is in early July and you will definitely find me there!