Kate Spade

It’s fair to say that until this past weekend, 2012 hadn’t had the most artsy of starts for me. I was very little inspired and the thought of drawing, yet alone painting, was just daunting. When I tried to overcome this, well, let’s just say I recycled a lot of paper. ANYWAY, through the beauty of Pinterest I discovered the wonderful Kate Spade Tumblr! At first I thought it was this lovely tumblr with inspiring pictures of all things pretty and colourful and divine, but then I found out there is ACTUALLY a brand behind it! And they do clothes, and accessories and everything and it BLEW ME AWAY.

One of my favourite adverts on TV – Sony Bravia – encapsulates how I see Kate Spade: over a backdrop of New York City (because Kate Spade is VERY NYC), colourful rabbits made of Plasticine (simple yet incredibly effective, like KS’s lines), jump around, covering the city in bright colours (colour being a staple in KS) and with the brilliant, happy and somewhat nostalgic tune by the Stones playing in the background (KS is very 1960s inspired).

This is one of the MANY pictures I’ve seen on Kate Spade tumblr. Taken by Tim Walker, the idea is a simple yet brilliantly colourful one: balloons coming out of windows. LOVES IT. Loves it soo much I did my own version of it:

I am now obviously addicted to Kate Spade tumblr and have discovered other tumblrs along the way. My addiction to colour and how it can make the ordinary fun and cheerful and inspiring has only just begun!

NOTE: The photograph by Tim Walker was taken from Suz and the city, via one of my Pinterest boards.