Transit systems

The public transit system in Toronto is crap pretty rubbish. The city is so geared towards the use of a car, in pure North American style, that very little has been invested in public transit since the 1960s. Oddly enough, it still has a fully-functioning streetcar system… whose tracks need to be repaired every couple of years or so. The subway was clearly designed by someone with serious mental issues:

A “U”? And a “T” that crosses over it? Seriously? Traffic is horrendous downtown because of the streetcar and because EVERYBODY HAS A CAR. One would think that the current mayor would try to… I don’t know… just a suggestion… perhaps welcome cyclists? Yes, one could think that, and be a fool because the current mayor of Toronto is a gentlemen who really does not like cyclists AT ALL:

I wish he learnt from Jaime Lerner, the mayor who revolutionised transport in his hometown of Curibita (Brazil), by diverting traffic around the centre. Huge pedestrian areas and parks have replaced busy roads and congestion has been tackled with an efficient bus service. This 15 minute long video kind of sums it up… and makes me want to move to Curibita:

Not Curibita, but almost, is London, where I lived for over 4 years and embraced its excellent transit system. It works so well that having a car in the city is a hassle more than a necessity. Plus, the posters created to advertise public transit in London have been brilliant from the get-go, like this one designed by Alfred Leete in 1919:

Naturally, the classic London bus had to make it to one of my bowls 😉