Super secret party in a hidden beach

When you move to a new city, particularly when you don’t know that many people at first, the first few weeks it’s all about doing cool stuff. With cool people. And what a cooler start than going to a super secret party in a hidden beach? This party happens every few months and is organised by a group of friends who are not professional DJs, but who do it for the love of it. As I can’t reveal the address for the party, my map is somewhat vague. However, I did take some pictures which I hope show just how cool it all was! So, first stop was getting into the grounds of this stunning house:

Then, walking down a grassy hill, turning right and there, there was the beach. Full of beautiful and super cool people, with super cool music playing in the background:

So we got there around 7pm. The view? No big deal, nope. No big deal AT ALL:

But look what happened a few minutes later:

Can there be a cooler start to my life here in Sydney? I very much doubt it.

Note: All photos are by Araceli Robledo