Cannot BELIEVE a whole 3 weeks have gone by since my last post – where has my time gone?! Truth is that there probably won’t be another post for yet another 3 weeks as this weekend my long-awaited holidays begin. More on the glorious 2 weeks I’ll be spending in paradise upon my return.

But today I briefly want to talk about the wonders of sewing and making one’s clothes. And I could not really talk about a sewing post without mentioning the Workroom. I signed up for one of their sewing classes et voila, yesterday I finished my first ever sewing machine made garment: a tunic. But this is no ordinary tunic, it is the Schoolhouse Tunic and I used no ordinary material, it’s Free Spirit’s amazing Prince Charming print. Both the pattern and material were purchased at the Workroom. There is another lesson – how to make your own skirt – which I will no doubt be signing up for in September.

But in the meantime, I’ll take my tunic with me on holiday  and wish that someone asks me “Oh what a pretty tunic, where did you buy it?” so I can answer with the smuggest of voices “I MADE IT”.