Back home!

So after almost 2 weeks of living out of a suitcase and at the mercy of friends’ beds and couches, I’m finally back at home. No more mice (or so it seems, fingers crossed) and have been able to put 2 loads of washing this evening. Wearing tights three days in a row? Yes, that was ME! I have used up my sudden back-at-home-energy boost to do something productive: hang my prints, paintings and the rest on the wall of my living room.

**Disclaimer: for those of you who struggle to look at wonky paintings on walls, I suggest you leave this page… NOW**

From left to right is my early watercolour of my house, Alanna Cavanagh‘s awesome “Empty Belly” print, a photograph by my good friend and photographer extraordinnaire Oliver Pauk, an “a” from Anthropologie, “t is for tapdance” print also by Alanna Cavanagh, my super-mega-embarrassing rip off of any of Alanna’s Penguin prints, a late 19th century map of Spain and wrapping paper, which is curiously a map of downtown Manhattan.

I know I should’ve spent this time painting or doing something creative but I’m procrastinating… BIG TIME. Thing is Christmas is around the corner and I want to give handmade presents, but now that I HAVE to paint and create, the muse has left me and I’m not even mildly interested in painting AT ALL. BUGGER.