Before and after

I moved into my much loved apartment in March this year. Bearing in mind that the living-room isn’t all that bright as it only has one window, let’s just say that the choice of wall paint by the previous tenant was unfortunate – and my photograph below is generous as it was actually a darker shade of brown. This is what the room looked like when I moved in, or “before”:

I wanted to brighten up the entire living-room, particularly each side of the window. So I painted the walls in a very pale grey-brownish colour and left the ceiling white. As to the stenciling on the wall, have any of you read My Marrakesh? It’s a truly wonderful and inspiring blog written by an American who emigrated to Morocco with her family and built a hotel in Marrakesh. She stenciled some of the walls and ceilings of her hotel, Peacock Pavilions, and I fell head over heals in love with the concept. I discovered which company had provided the stencils and labour – Royal Design Studio – and bought my stencil from them.

Stenciling is great for precise, perfectionist, time-investing-in-arts&crafts people, but I’m an impatient, impulsive, instant-gratification kind of person. I did part of the wall by the bookcase the day the stencil arrived in the post, back in March. However, realising how utterly time-consuming it was, I kind of put off finishing the rest of the wall. Until today, that is… I’ve been stuck at home sick with a horrible cold for a few days. However, the couple of hours after I take my morning dose of meds and vitamins and fruit and whatnot, I have this amazing burst of energy. It’s been during these few hours each day that I’ve drawn, painted, thoroughly cleaned my apartment and… finished painting the wall! Here is the “after”: