Greenwich Village

The main purpose of my trip to NYC was to attend a workshop at the ceramics institution that is Greenwich House Pottery. Not only did it not disappoint, it was probably one of the best workshops I have ever taken. And I take A LOT of workshops!

Our teacher, the amazing ceramic artist Munemitsu Taguchi, was top notch. Here he is throwing:

And trimming:

I went back to my studio today to put in practice all that I learnt. Not only was I faster at making vessels, I centred them almost immediately and somehow enjoyed the process more! Here’s a picture of the final 6 that I made at the workshop and are being bisqued:

The location of Greenwhich House Pottery was perfect for some neighbourhood exploration. Like the fantastic wine shop, Winesby, across the road:

Beautiful tree-lined streets with gorgeous townhouses:

And stunning apartment blocks:

NOTE: All photos by Araceli Robledo

Greenwich House Pottery

There’s nothing like booking a holiday to have something to look forward to. Particularly when it’s the combination of 2 of my favourite things: (1) a trip to NYC (2) a creative workshop of some sort. So in July I’ll spend a few days in NYC doing a workshop at Greenwich House Pottery.

Established over 100 years ago in the heart of Greenwich Village, Greenwich House Pottery played an essential part in the Arts and Crafts movement in America. Trained ceramists emerging from the Pottery’s classes formed the Greenwich House Potters and Sculptors, whose pieces were collected by reputable museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The following three YouTube videos form the 30 minute episode of “Let’s Take a Trip”,  a CBS Broadcast made in 1958 at Greenwich House Pottery. It’s a lovely show and very nostalgic – so nostalgic one of the little boys is making an ashtray for his mum!

The 3-day workshop I’ll be taking is on handmade dinnerware in contemporary life – sounds SUPER sexy to me! And our teacher will be the awesome ceramist Munemitsu Taguchi. See below his beautiful porcelain pots:

NOTE: The image of Greenwich House Pottery is by Jim Coyle, and that of Munemitsu Taguchi’s work is from his website.