Houses on the Plateau

One of the coolest neighbourhoods in Montreal is the Plateau. Right by Mount Royal,  it’s got a brilliant mixture of awesome and colourful architecture, cafes, bookshops and an overall feeling of laissez-faire. The photographs below were taken by yours truly when I was in Montreal for a holiday, exactly one year ago, with my lovely friend Mapi (the gorgeous girl in the bright pink raincoat).

Below is my Houses on the Plateau bowl, which recently came out of the kiln. Pretty obvious inspiration taken from the Quebecois city. What’s more, all of the houses above are pictured in the bowl below, can you spot them?


How to create perspective when I don’t use a ruler and can’t draw a straight line for the life of me? Practice! This view of the borderline between the Old Montreal and the city’s financial district was perfect for such an exercise. Not too convinced about the results though, I think all this perspective diminishes the whimsicalness of my drawings somewhat…

I heart Montreal

When I first moved to Toronto, I didn’t quite warm up to it as I had expected (massive euphemism for “hated its guts”). Each time I visited another North American city, I’d wonder why on earth I hadn’t tried moving there instead… Montreal, however, just captivated me from the get go: its elegant architecture, delicious food, attractive people roaming the streets, etc. made me seriously consider retaking French lessons in the hope of moving there one day.

The second time I visited Montreal, I was already head over heels in love with Toronto and saw the city from a different perspective. Whilst I still felt very much at home there because of its European architecture,  it no longer tantalised me and I was able to appreciate its beauty without diminishing that of its rival city Toronto. This is my double take of a lovely building in the Old Montreal, it inspired me so that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to sketch it or watercolour – so I did both!