Rubber stamping

One of the best things about living in Toronto is the plethora of arts and crafts courses available throughout the city. Around spring this year my sisters found out that Geninne, from Geninne’s Art Blog, whom they’d been following for years, would be in Toronto in July giving a course on hand carving stamps. Naturally I signed up instantly (there were only 2 places left) and counted the days for the big day to arrive. The course was held at the amazing Bookhou:

Image by Geninne -

Image by Geninne -

I’m the one standing in both pics. The course was truly wonderful, inspiring – as was Geninne – and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the other delegates, like Patricia from Zen Crafting, whom I spent the rest of the day with, showing her the cool side to Toronto, until it rained.

Aside from a quick stamp carving lesson I gave my sister Rocio this summer in our village, I hadn’t made any further stamps until last night… I went to the local art supply shop and just went crazy, bought all sorts of ink pads, and unleashed the creativity within.

I designed a letter head which is the house where I live:

Then thought about preserves (as one does), and the jam I wish I’d made:

the jam I made and wish I’d decorated the jar:

the marmalade I will definitely make:

a present for a friend:

and then I just let myself go, first stamping some peacocks on an E. A. Seguy background I’d painted in watercolour:

and finally, the stamp house (don’t know what else to call it):

I didn’t got to bed until almost 2am and was a whole hour late for work this morning as I slept in (!) but it was definitely worth it.