When I went to Muskoka a week and a half ago, not only was the Antique and Classic Boat Show on, but the Antique and Classic Car Show was also on! Given the age and gender of most of the attendees at both events, it was the quintessential retired man’s paradise for one whole weekend. Even though I don’t drive, I’ve always preferred older cars as opposed to the ones we see on the roads these days. Actually, I think I can pretty much use that statement for a lot of things in my life, but we’ll use it for cars for the benefit of this post.

There was a particular car I recognised immediately, photographed below: a good old Dodge Brothers. For anyone in North America, the brand is nothing special, but in Spain it meant driving in a completely different style, in an American dream kind of style. My grandfather knew this and he was a Dodge Brothers dealer in a small town in the south of Spain during the 1920s and 1930s.

When it came to chosing an image for the header on this blog, I didn’t think it twice and proudly display the illustration of an advert for my grandfather’s business. Unfortunately I don’t know who did the original illustration, probably someone from his town, or maybe even my grandmother, who was an excellent artist.

One of my favourite parts of the advert is where it says “INFORMESE DE QUIEN POSEA UNO”, which roughly means, “for information, ask a person who already owns one”. It’s funny how we rely on the internet these days to obtain so much information, but at the end of the day, whenever we are making a considerable purchase, we tend to ask people who have undergone a similar situation for their advice. The old ways seem to stick with us, if only more of the old cars did as well…!