Back home!

So after almost 2 weeks of living out of a suitcase and at the mercy of friends’ beds and couches, I’m finally back at home. No more mice (or so it seems, fingers crossed) and have been able to put 2 loads of washing this evening. Wearing tights three days in a row? Yes, that was ME! I have used up my sudden back-at-home-energy boost to do something productive: hang my prints, paintings and the rest on the wall of my living room.

**Disclaimer: for those of you who struggle to look at wonky paintings on walls, I suggest you leave this page… NOW**

From left to right is my early watercolour of my house, Alanna Cavanagh‘s awesome “Empty Belly” print, a photograph by my good friend and photographer extraordinnaire Oliver Pauk, an “a” from Anthropologie, “t is for tapdance” print also by Alanna Cavanagh, my super-mega-embarrassing rip off of any of Alanna’s Penguin prints, a late 19th century map of Spain and wrapping paper, which is curiously a map of downtown Manhattan.

I know I should’ve spent this time painting or doing something creative but I’m procrastinating… BIG TIME. Thing is Christmas is around the corner and I want to give handmade presents, but now that I HAVE to paint and create, the muse has left me and I’m not even mildly interested in painting AT ALL. BUGGER.

Living in a creative valhalla

Hello hello,

First post ever in this blog and, naturally, I am somewhat nervousanxiousexcitedallinone!

Why a creative valhalla, might you ask? Well, I was brought up in a house of artists and creativity has flowed in our blood for generations. Growing up we all inspired each other to unleash the creative within, to paint, draw, sew, knit, crochet, cook, make jewellery, and a long list of etceteras. No matter the city where we lived, our house always seemed to have a pot of creative juices bubbling away. When I finally left home I was never able to re-create that ambience. Sure there is email, phone, and skype, and we still today even talk and get all excited about what it is that we want to make/create/eat, but I have come to realise that the city where you live and the community around you is of utmost importance.

I moved to Toronto in October 2010 and to my surprise, this city, and Canada as a whole, have turned into my creative valhalla. The amazing creative community and wonderful people here, not to mention art supply shops, craft markets and an overwhelming feeling that, whatever you do is unique and should make you proud, have made me feel at home. How long will I stay here? I haven’t the slightest idea, but I hope to document on this blog what it is that inspires me and how my work is affected by it.