It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Even though we’re not in December, the Yuletide season has begun in Canada. And following my usual I-will-adapt-to-my-surroundings custom, I have decorated my apartment accordingly. I have the usual: wreath on my door, fairy lights around various windows (which I am tempted to leave all year around as they’re so friggin gorgeous) but decided to be inventive in terms of my Christmas tree.

My apartment is the size of a shoe box, and a normal-shaped and sized tree would take the place of a more useful piece of furniture, like my dining table or a chair. So I found these two twigs with tiny lights on their ends, which to my surprise fit perfectly in an empty bottle of bubbly I was using as a candlestick. I do marvel at my own abilities to re-cycle things around the house.

Since doing my pysanky class at the Workroom, I knew I wanted to make my own decorations for the tree by using empty egg shells, and below is a closer up image of the final product. I have just finished the buggers and I’m more relieved than impressed at my efforts. It was a huge undertaking, emptying around a dozen eggs is a right nuisance, not to mention applying the wax decorations and then placing the eggs in the paint-filled glasses, only for the eggs to sink and spit out watery paint and egg-white for over a week. Making the ribbons, and ensuring their grip on the slippery eggs, was also annoying and has killed my patience for labour-intensive crafts for some time.