Saturday’s sale in (some) pictures

I know I should be packing right now, but as it has been made quite clear in previous occasions, I’m a huge procrastinator before a trip. However I did want to share with you some pictures of Saturday’s amazing sale. Here’s the lovely display of my pieces.

And here I am with the lovely Ann, who was the very first to arrive!

This is a bowl I did of Ann and her ADORABLE dog Watson. And yes, they are walking along Baker St.

Here’s the super amazing Alanna Cavanagh, who has been such a mentor to me in so many ways.

I have updated the “work” section on my website and you can check out the pictures of my latest pieces right here. Alas all of it is sold, but as soon as I am back on the ground in Sydney and have found a studio, the production for Christmas will begin!

Ceramics sale – final details

So with only 6 days for my sale, I am truly burning the midnight oil. My deadline to finish my pieces isn’t the day of the sale, no… it’s Tuesday! THEDAYAFTERTOMORROW GAHHH! But, first things first, the details of my sale are finalised. I’d post some more, but I must paint a little more before I can go to sleep!

Sneak peak into my upcoming sale…

So after selling my worldly possessions (or at least attempting to), I’m now completely focused on preparing for my ceramics sale. I have a glazing deadline (Tuesday 9th), which always helps in order to get things done. This also means I have  A LOT of painting to do in the meantime! Here’s a picture of my latest painted piece unglazed:

Yes, it’s the gorgeous Brideshead in the background with Sebastian and Charles driving in the middle. The porcelain is the ever-so difficult frost, but when fired a second time, will be beautifully translucent white. Here’s the sketch I did beforehand:

I now have a date and venue for the sale! And it will be on Saturday, October 13th from 2pm to 6pm at 50 Portland Street. Details on new poster will be posted soon.