Colour in our surroundings

Maybe it’s the winter, or that I am a sucker easily influenced by brilliant publicity campaigns (i.e., Kate Spade’s use of Tumblr and Pinterest), but brilliant colours seem to cheer me up like nothing these days. I look at the dull and grey skyscrapers in downtown Toronto and all I can think of is how they could be massively improved by adding a dash of colour. I keep on wearing my favourite necklace over and over again and my wandering eyes crave bright colours so badly that they are continuously scanning their surroundings to see where a spash of pink, orange, turquoise, yellow, green or bright blue may lie.

About a couple of years ago, UK hardware store Homebase created an amazing campaign at Carlisle train station. Adding colour to the stairs and bridge above the platforms was only an element of the campaign, though I think it was the best part.

You can see the entire TV commercial here:

The Rainbow Holsteiner stairs in Wuppertal (Germany) are another brilliant example of where colour has improved an otherwise dull surrounding. They’re a creation by artist professor Hort Glasker and the work is called Scala. The (German) words on the stairs describe the relationship between human beings.

Naturally, I couldn’t help myself and painted my own version in casein and marker pen:

Here’s another example of Glasker’s work, this one entitled Campo Santo:

Painting roads in bright colours also works:

NOTE: The source of the Carlisle station pictures is vickitequila’s photostream on Flickr, the image of the Rainbow Holsteiner stairs and that of Campo Santo are from Horst Glasker’s website, and the source for the final image is from {inside} the loop. Unfortunately I don’t know the author of this picture or where it was taken.