Cabbagetown once again

I have no measure for things I like. I will repeat them again and again until rendered useless. However luckily for me, in the world of art, the more you repeat something, the better you get at it.

As I have already talked about here and here,  I like Cabbagetown a lot. And I like drawing the houses there. A lot.

I learnt to make jugs recently and thought the best way to decorate one of them was with drawings of Cabbagetown houses. It’s my best Cabbagetown-inspired piece yet 🙂

Cabbagetown part deux

It’s February. I live in Toronto. AND the weather is pretty warm for this time of the year. So… what to do? EXPLORE the city! I re-visited Cabbagetown with a good friend and, with the aid of Instagram, took some great shots

Then I sketched a bit whilst waiting for my quinoa to cook…. and ended up producing this in a giffy:

Had I cooked something bigger, I probably would’ve sketched a larger selection of houses, but… a girl’s gotta eat!


I once attended a lecture where they stated that the west ends of cities had the most beautiful architecture as it was where the wealthy lived – apparently it has something to do with the wind. However, in the proper east end of Toronto is Cabbagetown.

Referred to by the New York Times as the highest concentration of Victorian houses in North America, Cabbagetown is simply magnificent. I have not been near a pencil, marker pen or brush for a week and a half and the quality of my sketch is rather poor I’m afraid, but I hope the pictures below show a glimpse of this beautiful neighbourhood in Toronto.