Last weekend was a VERY Canadian weekend: July 1st was Canada Day, making the weekend lovely and long and I spent it in pure Canadian style at a cottage in Gatineau Park. I embraced the whole experience and had a lot of firsts: kayaking, sea-dooing, swimming in a Canadian lake at all hours of the day, discovering docktails (cocktails on the dock) and dock spiders (huge hairy beasts that live on the dock). The weekend was also fueled with great food, enlightening conversations and brilliant company throughout, not to mention Canada Day fireworks!

I also discovered the incredibly comfortable Adirondack/Muskoka chairs. Every cottage has a few of them and they are among the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat on, with wide armrests, perfect to leave your drink/snack/book.

It was a memorable weekend and I was very sad to have to return to the city. As the picture below was taken, the neighbour on the other side of the lake was playing Debussy’s Claire de Lune…