Sydney on film

Hello hello, Happy New Year! Apologies for not posting here as often, I’m struggling to find time to get to my creative projects (lots initiated, not that many completed, story of my life). However, things are due to change soon. Some lovely friends have agreed to let me set up my noisy wheel in their garden. And best of all, they have just moved nearby.

In the meantime, I have been doing little things here and there, including this short film I made on Thursday on my way home. I was trying to find the Harbour Bridge footpath and got lost….! I filmed it with my Blackberry and edited with the fantastic iMovie. The music is by Rodriguez. I hope you enjoy this little peak into my daily life 😉

Greenwich Village in porcelain

SO OBAMA WON!! YESSSS!! And how is Manhattan celebrating? IN BLUE!!

And this post has just GOT to be inspired by this amazing city, and how it inspires my work once again. But first, let’s go back in time, to 1957 to be more precise, and to Greenwich Village.

A party hosted by Art Ford in his brilliant Greenwich Village apartment and with Cy Coleman performing – I can’t think of anything quite so glamorous and just FUN! And what about the closing illustration of Washington Square? ANYWAY…. I then thought, why not do a piece that captures the fun and sophistication of this era? And so my Greenwich Village bowl came to life.

I painted the outside inspired by Greenwich Village facades with the inside being an Art Ford party in full swing! Then I got excited about the results and did another bowl, this one smaller, just concentrating on the guests and musicians.

And then I just HAD to do a mug as well, this time ONLY with dancers. I have more plans for this Greenwich Village party theme, so do stay tuned!

NOTE: Photo of Manhattan in blue is by Shane Walton, and the rest are by Araceli Robledo.

NOTE2: On my way to Jim and Valerie‘s to deliver their Greenwich Village bowl, together with the MoMA and Central Park bowls they had also purchased, the bag in which I was carrying all 3 pieces broke and they smashed into the pavement. It’s been just a few weeks, but don’t think I have recovered from the trauma just yet…!

En route

So I am on my way to Sydney YAYYYYYY!!! Currently waiting at the airport at LA to board my plane. Only 15 hours. No big deal. On the flight from Cincinnati to LA I took a few snapshots of the ground below. It was a pretty beautiful flight and it brought me memories from my first ever flight to Australia, back in 1985. We were up the skies and I remember very clearly asking my mother where we were. She replied “en el cielo”, which in English means “in the sky” but “cielo” also means “heaven” in Spanish. So I asked her if we were dead! 4-year-old me was very imaginative indeed. Herewith some of the snapshots, the first one of the cielo, naturally 😉 then the Rockies and Arizona.


When I returned from my course at Greenwich House Pottery, I immediately put my new porcelain techniques into practice. Particularly the tooling element, so as to make my pieces translucent.

The first step was to buy a particular kind of clay with high translucency, and which I could fire in an electric kiln. The chosen favourite was Laguna’s Frost.

And here are the pics of the first piece finalised! As you can see, it is HIGHLY translucent and just beautiful to look at (or at least I think it is). But this is the first of many more Frost pieces to come. You see, it is a very picky clay, that breaks very easily. And what you see in the image below under the candle is indeed a crack, because it cracks just by looking at it. Still, I am looking forward to being able to understand its fickleness and document on here how I mastered it!

Museo del Prado

I spent the last day of my Spanish holiday in Madrid. And a quick visit to Madrid MUST always include at least one trip to one of the top 3 museums: Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemizsa.

Above is an extremely bright picture of the Velazquez entrance to the Prado Museum. It was a very sunny day and someone (who will not be named) tampered with the settings on my camera. The result? EXTREMELY bright pictures which hurt to look at – this is the only one that sort of survived… ANYWAY, below is an image of the exterior of the Prado Museum bowl I recently painted.

Unfortunately I did not take photographs of the interior of the bowl finished (of which I am INCREDIBLY proud and feel equally stupid for not doing my photographic homework as this piece now lives somewhere else). The only snapshots are of the paintings in progress, as you can still see the pencil outlines that are normally removed when the piece is fired. When referring to the collection at the Prado (which originally belonged to the Spanish royal family), I had to include a Velazquez. And if one is to paint a Velazquez, one should go big: so Las Meninas it was! (Please note that I studied Art History in Spain and, therefore, in Spanish. So the names of the works will be in Spanish as that is the way I learnt them!) Another painter whose work is a must is El Greco and I chose his El Caballero de la mano en el pecho.

Below is an image of the other side of the bowl. On the left is Goya’s La Maja Desnuda and on the right El Descendimiento by Rogier van der Weyden. When I showed the finished bowl to my family and friends in Spain, they all guessed 3 out of the 4 paintings, except for van der Weyden’s piece. However, I can’t help but think which ones would be recognized by my Canadian friends. Particularly as the last time I put them to the test, all but one of them thought that the Matisse painting in my MoMA bowl was actually a Picasso… Snob? Me? No way!


Today I decided to put off packing for my trip just a little bit more and opened a Twitter account. You can follow me here at @AraceliRobledoF. I am a bit excited about this Twitter adventure, so have done a drawing:

And as you can see, the Twitter icon sits on the front page of my iPhone. In case you are wondering, the wallpaper is a Luli Sanchez painting.

I will probably be blogging very little, if anything, while I’m on holiday. However, I may tweet the occasional message. Have a wonderful August everyone, back around the 20 somethingth!