Some things never change…

Before moving to Toronto, I used to live in London. And I had a blog too. I posted about many things, mainly cooking, life in London and crochet. I was addicted to crochet. Like every addiction with a slight unhealthy attitude towards it, I overdosed and did no crochet for more than a year. Until this Christmas.

crochet hair clips

Being away from my beautiful family this season, I spent Christmas with some very good friends and their extended family. And so, I thought it would be a nice gesture to make crochet hair clips for every girl (aged 1 to 99) who attended the Christmas lunch yesterday.

crochet flower clips 2

As I have not been able to do much on the pottery side of things lately (my wheel is somewhat noisy and the neighbours complained!) this new little project was a perfect outlet for my creativity. Also… as you can see from the pictures below, once I started making these little Christmas flowers, I could not stop. I made them while drinking a cup of tea on the terrace, in the car, on the bus, while watching Step Brothers

Crochet obsessionNOTE: All photos are by Araceli Robledo (and I apologise for the poor quality of the last 4, taken with my blackberry…)



Last night, at approximately 1.30am, I finally finished my latest magnum opus to date: a crochet cushion that took me 9 whole months to complete. Never thought it would take so long when I first bought the yarn in January from Romni Wools. And here I am, all these months later, and so many changes have occurred in that short period of time: new friends, new house, new creativity so-big-it’s-about-to-explode, new horizons conquered and new pets.

The R stands for my surname – Robledo – and I got the idea of cross-stitching over crochet from this fantastic book.

I used all my leftover yarn to make the backing. There’s a little history to it too as I taught a few people how to crochet by helping me finish it. Some crochet pros also contributed as it’s a highly addictive craft. All in all I’d say about 5 lovely ladies helped šŸ™‚