I come from a family who loves to sleep and loves to eat. We all loved a good lie-in on weekends, except my dad. You see, his love of food was bigger than his love of sleep. So one of his genius ideas was to lure us into getting up early and helping him cook breakfast. And we’d cook churros, for the 6 of us, and any friends staying over. There was always someone staying over. But how do you manage to wake up teenagers early and make them cook breakfast? Bribery. Of the worst kind. What he’d do is he’d make the dough for the churros and fry one. Just one. Cover it in sugar and come to our rooms and make us try it, while still half-asleep. This is what the dough looks like:

churro dough

It was a masterful stroke, because he’d say something like “Ohhh I’ve made churros for breakfast. Come and join me”. So we’d get up, follow him as if we were under some sort of spell and then, then surprise SURPRISE. The churros had not been fried yet in olive oil! So we’d obviously help, by that point we were starving and our body wanted more churros. Image of churro being cooked below:

churros being fried

By the time they were ready, we’d all managed to get up and sat around the table, eagerly awaiting this feast. We only had breakfast together when there was churros.  This is what the finished product looks like:

Cooked churros

This past weekend I made churros for the first time since my dad passed away. A group of us got together at a friend’s house in Sydney. I provided the recipe, but he had a churrera, the machine where you put the dough in so it comes out in that great churro shape. And how did he source a churrera in Sydney? Well, he’d had it for over 15 years. It was a present from my dad as our friend would join in the churros fun like another member of the Robledo clan when he stayed with us all those years ago..

In case you were wondering, the churros were delicious, and we ate them the only way one possibly can… with thick hot chocolate!

NOTE: All photos by Araceli Robledo

4 thoughts on “Churros

  1. Qué recuerdos, cuando yo era pequeña algunos domingos comprábamos (que no hacíamos) churros para desayunar, todos colgaditos en un alambre verde, creo recordar, y bien embadurnados de azúcar. ¡Pero lo de la churrera en Sidney es casi surrealista! Hace siglos que no los como, pero en abril me acerco a Madrid con unas amigas y con la excusa de enseñarles las costumbres gastronómicas de la capital, digo yo que caerá alguno….

    • Los churros son una cosa tan española, tan arraigada en nosotros que me encanta! Y creo que todos nuestros recuerdos de churros son con familia o con amigos de vuelta a casa tras una noche por ahi hehehe! Que envidia que vayas a Madrid en abril! Disfruta mucho MUCHO!! Espero que tus amigas aprecien la comida de la capital! Un besote muy gordo

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