For those of you who read designer blogs and frequent their enticing Pinterest board equivalents, I’m pretty sure the headboard below is somewhat familiar:

Otomi headboard

It was posted on Design*Sponge over two years ago, and like everything that they feature on their website, the Otomi-inspired pattern on the headboard became famous overnight. Handmade by Otomi Indians in Hidalgo (Mexico), Otomi textiles are crafted from cotton muslin and decorated in colourful embroidery. I think anyone who sees an Otomi bedspread lusts over it, with its luxurious embroidery and fantastic imagery. And it’s the latter that inspired me to paint in gouache some very special Christmas presents for some very special kids. The oldest brother’s name starts with an L:

L initial 1

His gorgeous sister’s name with an E:

E initial

And their newborn brother’s name also starts with an L:

L initial 2

I spent a wonderful Sunday with them yesterday and was happy to see an initial displayed proudly in each of their rooms 🙂

4 thoughts on “Initials

  1. Mu bonitas las iniciales y preciosa la combinación de colores. Por cierto… ¿te he deseado ya un feliz 2013? ¿No? Pues… ¡FELIZ 2013! Creo que os estáis asando por ahí abajo, te mando un poco de nuestra nieve que hoy no ha parado de caer. Besos congelados, Patrizia.

    • Gracias por tu comentario Patrizia! La verdad es que quedaron muy bien. Creo que si que me has deseado un feliz 2013, y si yo no lo he hecho, te deseo un año con tiempo para que puedas hacer tus anualidades! Tu con nieve y aqui los dias mas calurosos casi de la historia de esta ciudad…hehehe. Besitos

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