Some things never change…

Before moving to Toronto, I used to live in London. And I had a blog too. I posted about many things, mainly cooking, life in London and crochet. I was addicted to crochet. Like every addiction with a slight unhealthy attitude towards it, I overdosed and did no crochet for more than a year. Until this Christmas.

crochet hair clips

Being away from my beautiful family this season, I spent Christmas with some very good friends and their extended family. And so, I thought it would be a nice gesture to make crochet hair clips for every girl (aged 1 to 99) who attended the Christmas lunch yesterday.

crochet flower clips 2

As I have not been able to do much on the pottery side of things lately (my wheel is somewhat noisy and the neighbours complained!) this new little project was a perfect outlet for my creativity. Also… as you can see from the pictures below, once I started making these little Christmas flowers, I could not stop. I made them while drinking a cup of tea on the terrace, in the car, on the bus, while watching Step Brothers

Crochet obsessionNOTE: All photos are by Araceli Robledo (and I apologise for the poor quality of the last 4, taken with my blackberry…)


6 thoughts on “Some things never change…

  1. ¡Qué chulas, mándame alguna para mi nena! Le compré unas parecidas pero ya se le están rompiendo… yo con tela lo que quieras, se las hago también de fieltro, pero con el ganchillo no me atrevo. Aprovecho para desearte una Feliz Navidad (con retraso) y un super 2013 en tu “nuevo” hogar… y cómprales a tus vecinos unos tapones para los oídos!!!

    • Patrizia son tan FACILES de hacer, que ni hace falta que te envie, en serio! Estas son super facilitas!! De fieltro hacia mi hermana Rocio, la verdad es que quedan fenomenal. Yo aprovecho para desearte un muy feliz anio nuevo, tambien con retraso! Mil besos PS – me he mudado, el torno empezara en breve 😉

  2. They look so nice! I love the red. You are so talented! Oh I am not very happy with your neighbours, you must be able to use your wheel! You are allowed to make some noise in day time. I am sure it is not crazy loud. Big Hug!

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