Super secret party in a hidden beach

When you move to a new city, particularly when you don’t know that many people at first, the first few weeks it’s all about doing cool stuff. With cool people. And what a cooler start than going to a super secret party in a hidden beach? This party happens every few months and is organised by a group of friends who are not professional DJs, but who do it for the love of it. As I can’t reveal the address for the party, my map is somewhat vague. However, I did take some pictures which I hope show just how cool it all was! So, first stop was getting into the grounds of this stunning house:

Then, walking down a grassy hill, turning right and there, there was the beach. Full of beautiful and super cool people, with super cool music playing in the background:

So we got there around 7pm. The view? No big deal, nope. No big deal AT ALL:

But look what happened a few minutes later:

Can there be a cooler start to my life here in Sydney? I very much doubt it.

Note: All photos are by Araceli Robledo

6 thoughts on “Super secret party in a hidden beach

  1. ¡¡Hala, menudo estreno!! Y para ser una fiesta secreta en una playa secreta estaba de lo más concurrida (desventajas del facebook). Qué envidia me das, aquí todavía no ha empezado el frío gordo pero tenemos un otoño de lo más gris. Me imagino que durante un par de años no echarás de menos la nieve, jeje… Muchos besos y a seguir así de bien!

    • HOLA! Mil gracias Patrizia, la verdad es que fue como entrar en el club mas selecto y cool y fashion de la city. El unico inconveniente es que habia que saltar de piedra a piedra para llegar ahi y la vuelta (de noche, con una copa de mas) fue de lo mas interesante 😉 Fijate que el frio a veces se agradece, no creas… besitos x

  2. aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhfsfegdhdsfgjgh,asffffffffffffffff
    green with envy is an understatement.
    I want more details.
    And I want that house too!!

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