Queen Victoria Building

In the heart of Sydney’s central business district (or “CBD”, as it is known here), lies this sensuous 19th century shopping centre.  Queen Victoria Building’s interior design is wonderfully lush and romantic, just look at its lifts:

I had originally gone to buy ink for my fountain pen, but spent longer than expected looking at everything the place has to offer. From Aboriginal art galleries,

to a Viennese cafe, Klimt reproductions on the walls and Sacher torte included.


There’s also an abundance of jewelry shops – look at the size of the Australian baroque pearls of this necklace oh la la!

And believe it or not, there’s a shop that specialises in tin soldiers!

However, my biggest surprise came when I saw a Metropolitan Museum shop! With classic gifts and merchandising one would buy in New York, this shop was fully stocked.

And in case you missed my posts here and here, I do find a lot of inspiration in museums for my porcelain bowls. For a second time, the Met was subject of my work:

NOTE: All photos by Araceli Robledo


16 thoughts on “Queen Victoria Building

  1. Pues no parece que estés “sufriendo” mucho lejos de NY… Qué chulada de sitio, así emigro yo también a Australia! Espero que ya estés organizada y que no eches mucho de menos Canadá. Un beso desde (la ya fría) Alemania. Y otro a tu hermana la de Logroño!!

    • Hombre, lo que es sufrir sufrir, no estoy sufriendo mucho no, hehehe. La verdad es que me estoy enamorando de Sydney mas y mas cada dia. Esta ciudad tiene mucho que ofrecer. A Canada no la echo nada de menos! Mil besos desde el calorcito xx

  2. I have always found the Queen Victoria Building to be quite amazing. Last time I was there, there was this antique shop that had some amazing art deco bronze sculptures. I wonder if it is still there.

  3. Hey Araceli, those pictures are great, you have a great eye and should also take up photography. I’m sick at home today and going thro my emails. Sorry, I didn’t get see you before you left. It looks like you’re having a good time. Glad to hear that you sold all your ceramics.
    Cheers Alice

    • Hello lovely! Thanks for your comment and kind words. Sorry to hear you are unwell, but hope you recover over the weekend. Shame I didn’t get to see you before I left – those days were very hectic, to say the least! Let’s stay in touch. xx

  4. Dear Araceli,
    So glad you are falling in love with Sydney more and more everyday! it does look an amazing place. I love your NYC Met Museum bowl so much! Oh wait a minute, I have that bowl… hehe lucky me! Did you find a studio? Big hug!

    • Hello Ann! Thanks for your lovely message 🙂 I am truly loving Sydney, yes, it’s just so amazing! You should come and visit one day. I have found a studio sort of – it’s in the garden! I must post some pictures on here at some point, too much fun actually doing ceramics outside. Hope you are well! x

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