Saturday’s sale in (some) pictures

I know I should be packing right now, but as it has been made quite clear in previous occasions, I’m a huge procrastinator before a trip. However I did want to share with you some pictures of Saturday’s amazing sale. Here’s the lovely display of my pieces.

And here I am with the lovely Ann, who was the very first to arrive!

This is a bowl I did of Ann and her ADORABLE dog Watson. And yes, they are walking along Baker St.

Here’s the super amazing Alanna Cavanagh, who has been such a mentor to me in so many ways.

I have updated the “work” section on my website and you can check out the pictures of my latest pieces right here. Alas all of it is sold, but as soon as I am back on the ground in Sydney and have found a studio, the production for Christmas will begin!

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s sale in (some) pictures

  1. Oh, ¡qué ilusión verte! De frente y sin tapujos, qué bien. Pues nada, chica, me alegro de conocerte (jiji) y de que lo hayas vendido todo. Y ahora a empezar una nueva etapa!

    • Gracias Patrizia! Hahahaha, foto de primer plano, sin maquillaje y tras haber dormido 8 horas en 3 dias. Bahhh. Muchos besos y este blog continuara, pero en Sydney 😉

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