Don’t rain on my parade

Yesterday was my beautiful sister Reyes‘ 40th birthday.  I was unable to attend the surprise party her husband had organised for her (she lives in Spain and I’m in Canada). Instead of sending her a video of me, to be projected on a screen, saying how much I missed and loved her, I thought Barbara Streisand would do it much better. “Don’t rain on my parade” is one of the many songs that are part of our family soundtrack, and so it was the perfect choice. Together with my wonderful friend Adam who lives in the UK, in just 3 days we filmed and edited our own music video of the song. Needless to say, Reyes (and my other siblings as well), started crying with laugher and ended crying with sadness when they watched it. Here it goes:

And here’s the inspiration for our video, as it appears in Funny Girl!

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