When I returned from my course at Greenwich House Pottery, I immediately put my new porcelain techniques into practice. Particularly the tooling element, so as to make my pieces translucent.

The first step was to buy a particular kind of clay with high translucency, and which I could fire in an electric kiln. The chosen favourite was Laguna’s Frost.

And here are the pics of the first piece finalised! As you can see, it is HIGHLY translucent and just beautiful to look at (or at least I think it is). But this is the first of many more Frost pieces to come. You see, it is a very picky clay, that breaks very easily. And what you see in the image below under the candle is indeed a crack, because it cracks just by looking at it. Still, I am looking forward to being able to understand its fickleness and document on here how I mastered it!

5 thoughts on “Frost

    • Vaya por Dios, hoy que hago un primer mensaje de prueba se me publica a la primera!!! Bueno, que me gusta mucho tu cuenco-lámpara, me recuerda a lo que se hace por este (otro) frío norte ahora que se acerca el otoño y dentro de nada (horror, el tiempo vuela) las navidades. Yo tengo uno o dos pero pequeñitos, de esos para poner una vela. Casi casi te encargo uno, aunque no sé si sobreviviría el vuelo transoceánico! Besos.

    • Gracias Patrizia! Es que queda genial, una amiga mia lo llama “sexy ceramics” y tiene razon! Este es el primer prototipo me temo, asi que no hare mas hasta dentro de unos meses. En cuanto al buiscuit, siiii que he oido! Sobre todo las figuritas, verdad? besitos xxx

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