Herringbone footstool

As evidenced here and here, I am quite an excellent procrastinator. Particularly before a big trip. In exactly 48 hours I will be on a plane on my way to my beloved Spain for a two and a half week holiday. This evening, instead of packing, cleaning out the apartment where I’ve been living and sorting out “stuff”, I decided to do a course where I’d learn to make my own herringbone footstool.

The course was at The Workroom, and our teacher for the evening was the lovely Donna Kim from Edge of Your Seat.

4 thoughts on “Herringbone footstool

  1. Jiji, me gusta que seas tan “desastre”, yo también encuentro siempre alguna excusa para NO hacer lo que debería… Pues te deseo un muy buen viaje y unos días estupendos en España (por cierto, el 13 volamos a Barcelona, estaremos cerca!). Y el banco precioso, claro…

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