Artists’ studios

Whenever we think of artists and their studios, the first thing that comes to mind is a loft-like interior, big windows, high ceilings, very messy, etc. But this is not always so. My father, I remember, used to sometimes paint in the living areas of our house, although he had a huge studio to himself. I think he craved family life and there’s no better place for that than gathering around the dining table, cooking, doing homework, drawing, painting. We were a very creative lot. Actually, we still are in a way. This is where I am perched for the day. I am subletting an apartment overlooking Toronto’s High Park until my visa is approved and can move to Montreal.

Through the wondrous Pinterest I recently came across the fantastic photograph below of Alexander Calder in his studio at home.

The other artist who sprang to mind rather instantly was Matisse. But the image below is of no ordinary studio, it was his bedroom in the latter years of his life. He was in a wheelchair, but that didn’t deter him from doing what he did best.

And here’s Mr Picasso himself in his studio in Cannes. I do love the fierce look he carries, more than a painter he resembles a boxer.

NOTE: If you wish to know the source of each of the images uploaded, simply click on the image itself.

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