Food… probably one of my all-time favourite subjects: I love to buy it, cook it, eat it and talk about it. It’s only natural that when I cook, I like to have all my ingredients at hand.

Lots of recipes talk about a “pinch” of salt, or 1/3 tsp salt, etc. If you have a sea salt grinder, it’s always difficult to know exactly HOW MUCH salt you add. So in my kitchen, there’s always a bowl full of the stuff nearby for easy addition.

And that’s exactly what the purpose of my FIRST EVER pinch bowl (made at my awesome clay class at Clay Design Studio Gallery in Toronto) is.

I collected it today and am really happy with the results. So happy in fact I had to take artistic pictures of my new creation with a Zara Home tea towel in the background. Look how well it blends in with its new family:

PS –  I just noticed that the design of my tea towel looks like the…. the body of a naked lady with big breasts!! I didn’t do it on purpose… I swear!! Hahahahahahahaaaaa!

2 thoughts on “Salt

  1. Love it Araceli. I am sure pinching salt from it will be an extraordinary experience (btw, I do hope it will keep be ecological sea salt from the north Atlantic!!!!

    Nice tea towel too.

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