Pumpkin love

Since the beginning of the year, Sundays have been simply awesome. I normally HATE Sundays, particularly the dreaded Monday-is-around-the-corner feeling that takes over in the evening. Now, however, Sundays rock. And that’s because I am finally learning how to create things with clay every Sunday afternoon. I did dabble in decorating bowls here and there, but I cannot even begin to say how rewarding it is to not only MAKE your own pieces, but also DECORATE them.

I have been going to the Clay Design Studio Gallery in Toronto and learning from the fantastic potters Dennise Buckley and Mari Lise Stonehouse the tricks of the trade… or at least attempting to! By way of a flavour of the wild variety of things I’m learning to make is this adorable pumpkin. Yes, I do like pumpkins.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin love

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