Happy Birthday Rocio!!!

Today is my amazing sister Rocio’s birthday. The thing with my sister is that she’s the least tech-savvy person I know. The Internet refuses to work in her house, she doesn’t have a smartphone and sees Facebook as the Devil. In spite of all these slightly annoying facts, the truth is that my sister is EXTRAORDINARY. She’s the one who showed me the infinite possibilities drawing/painting can give you: from making my own paper dolls, to designing dozens of paper dollhouses, not to mention discovering the joy of silk painting, making my first stamp with a potato, doing calligraphy with a wooden peg, and planting the seed in my new love for sewing. She taught me all these things, and by doing so, opened a world where art and crafts have ended up being a very important part of who I am.

Love you sis xxx

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rocio!!!

  1. Rocio is indeed extraordinary. She used to make gorgeous dresses for her dolls with tissue paper, and now she makes beautiful clothes for my daughter with recycled shirts. So talented, so non-tech. Besos !!!

  2. You are making me cry now!!!!! Viva el amor fraterno!!!!
    Muchas gracias por decir esas cositan tan bonitas 🙂

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