And the muse finally came to the rescue…

…on Friday night, by inspiring me to paint a still life. I’m not overly impressed by the final result, hence the filter on my camera and the distance: the picture looks a lot better if far away. HOWEVER, the fact that I started something like this, using casein, which I’m still trying to master, is a positive step forward. Also, when one has been away from brushes and pencils for some time, the first work produced is pretty rubbish.  Notice my new drawing table put to use? Back ache from sitting in an interrogation-mark posture be gone!

Any time that I go to the Workroom, an amazing gush of creativity blows me away. On Saturday I did the Sew a Man’s Tie course, which I cannot recommend enough. Plus, we all know how much it sucks to give presents to men at Christmas, and this has saved my sweet ass this holiday. Not even kidding. Ties are so versatile, they make an excellent “A”…

And look at the detail on the back, I’m so friggin proud of myself…

Best part is that it even looks great on!

I know for a fact that no man receiving any of the 3 ties I’ve almost finished looks at this blog. Even if I bribed with free vouchers to Home Depot/Hardware – or Leroy Merlin, the Spanish equivalent – to be downloaded from this site, they still wouldn’t even come close. So it’s safe to post these pics here just a mere couple of days before Christmas 😉

Speaking of the season to be jolly, I will be enjoying the holiday season with family and friends and away from my random blog world. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2012!

2 thoughts on “And the muse finally came to the rescue…

  1. Awesome ties, they will be loved, I am sure !!!
    And gotta love that groovy casein painting, so good to see your creative mojo back!!
    Cannot wait for my pressies to arriveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

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