For some time I’ve been seeing more and more people upload their pictures using Instagram. Being the curious one, I recently downloaded the app for my iPhone and put it to the test on the weekend. The way it works is that each time a picture is taken through Instagram, it is automatically added to a feed online which may (or may not, if you make it private) be visited by other Instagram users. The feature I like the most is the one that enables different filters to be used when a picture is taken, thus creating brilliant effects.

On the weekend I went to St Jacobs, a small town in rural Ontario, famous for its farmers and antique markets, as well as its Mennonite community. We first walked around the town’s high street, scattered with craft markets and delightful shops.

After a delish butternut squash soup for lunch, we headed towards the markets. The first call was the farmers market. It was disappointing in that innocent me thought all their produce was local…. and it’s not! Still, good value fruit and veg and the lot for reasonable prices.

All with a very distinct Mennonite look and feel.

The highlight of the day was the huge antique market just outside St Jacobs. It had a phenomenal collection of antiques, knickknacks, and the like.

I came home with two amazing finds: the first, a vintage king-size Hudson’s Bay blanket in pristine condition and the second, a workbox.

Do not be fooled by its small size, it opens up and can fit an array of things.

I filled up one side with all my handy sewing tools.

And the other side with my paints and inks. 

Now that everything is so nicely organised, time to paint a little more!


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