Back in February – cold, snowy February – I began to get real artistic needs. There was a part of me that wanted to CREATE, make beautiful things and have the brilliant feeling of self-fulfillment one gets when one finishes a project. I was also about to move house so I wanted to make something useful, something that would slowly make my home feel special and unique. What did I do? I painted a bowl!

This is obviously no ordinary bowl, but one with a very distinct Spanish flavour to it as it is, in fact, a bullring. The inside of the bowl shows the matadores and rejoneadores in the paseillo, the initial parade before a bullfight begins.

The outside of the bowl shows what the bullring (or plaza de toros as we call it) looks like on the outside, with its arabesque arches.

Painting this bowl opened a new love affair for me, this time with ceramics. There are other pieces in the works so watch this space for more!

3 thoughts on “Cuenco

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