What to put on a white wall which is (a) right next to a window, (b) at an angle, so has a lot of direct sun throughout the day, and (c) is in my kitchen. Shelving, no matter how narrow, wouldn’t work as it would kill some of the lovely – and much-needed – sun light coming in.  A painting/print/photograph/you name it wouldn’t work either as the sun would end up eating its colour away. And a kitchen meant it would have to be something practical as I’m there a fair bit of time.

A few days ago I went on to one of my favourite websites – Design*Sponge – and saw this post. I’m in a bit of a watercolour phase as of late and thought it a perfect idea – a watercolour calendar! I stalked the post in full and then went on to the site of the mastermind behind it: Linda & Harriett. They truly have wonderful things, and it was the perfect stolen idea inspiration I needed to make my kitchen feel even homier.

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