I heart Montreal

When I first moved to Toronto, I didn’t quite warm up to it as I had expected (massive euphemism for “hated its guts”). Each time I visited another North American city, I’d wonder why on earth I hadn’t tried moving there instead… Montreal, however, just captivated me from the get go: its elegant architecture, delicious food, attractive people roaming the streets, etc. made me seriously consider retaking French lessons in the hope of moving there one day.

The second time I visited Montreal, I was already head over heels in love with Toronto and saw the city from a different perspective. Whilst I still felt very much at home there because of its European architecture,  it no longer tantalised me and I was able to appreciate its beauty without diminishing that of its rival city Toronto. This is my double take of a lovely building in the Old Montreal, it inspired me so that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to sketch it or watercolour – so I did both!

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