The Met

One of the good things about living in Toronto is that I’m just about an hours’ flight – or 8-hour bus ride – from NEW YORK CITY!! Last Christmas I was lucky enough to spend the holiday season in Manhattan with a good friend. My goal was a simple one: visit the Met and, equally important, see Sargent’s Madame X, one of my favourite paintings. At the time, there had been a snow storm in New York and the entire city and surroundings were covered in feet-deep snow, so it was more than a leisurely stroll down the park.

After what seemed to be a proper treasure hunt – go down the hall, turn left by the Greek statue, then right, then left, then cross the atrium, then get on the only elevator that goes to the mezzanine, then turn left, then right, then left, then over and blah blah blah – I finally arrived at the American wing. What a disappointment. All these amazing works of art, stuck together in aisles, YES AISLES, back to back, front to front, no space to contemplate them and enjoy their full potential, their perspective, nada. And among them, unframed and against a metal grind stood Madame X. I almost cried in sadness, such a powerful painting which should be presiding a gallery lies in a metallic storeroom. Apparently it’s only a temporary measure, but even still, that is no excuse.

Naturally this put a damper on my visit to the Met as a whole. Nevertheless I still enjoyed my excursion, and I liked the building so much that I turned it into one of my very first silkscreen prints. Perhaps next time I go Madame X will be happier? I sure hope so…

4 thoughts on “The Met

  1. Yep, that happened to me too, so sad to see all those amazing paintings cramped together. For me the best thing about the met was beeing able to see a painting by French XIX Century painter Eugène Boudin of whom I am a great fan. I had no idea they had one, so it was a very pleasant surprise. Besos

  2. You’ll have to go and see El Jaleo at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Mueum in Boston. It’s a magical place and the painting is at the end of an empty hall so you really feel like you’re walking into the scene. It’s worth a trip to Boston just to see the painting and Museum.

    Enjoying your blog!

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