Until moving to Canada, I had no idea what pysanky were. But one day, as I was exploring the amazing neighbourhood where I live in Toronto, I came across The Workroom. A beautiful shop/studio on Queen West where anyone with an interest in sewing and other creative endeavors can spend hours by looking at the beautiful fabrics, pouring over their reference books for sale, using their sewing machines, mingling with similar-minded folk or taking a class or two from their monthly class calendar.

I signed up to 2 classes, Sewing Machine Essentials, which was excellent and given by the mastermind behind the Workroom herself, Karyn Valino, and Pysanky.

Our Ukrainian Easter egg class was absolutely delightful, not only were all the materials included but we also got to take them home with us and re-create these gorgeous eggs. Unfortunately, mine fell from the bookcase and died a death pretty instantly. Naturally I was heartbroken, but knowing that I can do these again I’m thinking they might make original and very cool Christmas decorations…

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