Day trip to the Islands

One of Toronto’s gems is, without a doubt, the Islands. A mere 10 minute ferry ride from downtown, the Islands are located on lake Ontario and sit happily directly across the city. Cars seem out of place in such a paradise and naturally, there are only a handful of them throughout the Islands. This makes cycling the preferred way of transport and as I love my bike it makes the place EVEN more appealing if possible.

So a couple of days ago I got on my bike – her name is Janet by the way – packed up a picnic, sketchbook and pens, and book and headed towards the Islands for a full day of sunshine and fresh air. There’s nothing like stretching under the sun with a sweet breeze, listening to the waves and reading a book. I thought I’d be unable to move from there until dusk but a spider the size of my thumb (huge by my standards) started pestering me and no matter how many times I flicked her away, she’d come back. So I got up, packed my stuff and cycled towards Ward’s Island. An entire creative community lives there, and their houses are gorgeous. I did a few sketches  and turned around and did a quick drawing of the Toronto skyline. By the time my stomach was telling me it was time to head home, one of the locals was kind to point out I had just about enough time to cycle and get on the next ferry. Perfect timing. Perfect place. Perfect day!

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